Learn About Nutrition in Dartmouth & Halifax with Us

What you choose to put inside your body will no doubt affect your health in significant ways. Ensuring proper nutrition during the rehabilitation process is essential to your recovery success. You can learn more about nutrition in Dartmouth and Halifax with us at Citadel Physiotherapy.

Many injured athletes fear that being inactive following an accident will cause them to gain excess weight. So, they may choose to eat less. However, when your body is recovering, it still needs a fair amount of calories to facilitate the healing process. Therefore, it’s important not to under-eat even if you are more sedentary than normal. Talk to your physiotherapist. We strive to provide you with a solid understanding of nutritional needs.

Want to learn more about nutrition? Dartmouth and Halifax clients at Citadel Physiotherapy can talk to us today! Call now for more details on how we can help you during the recovery process.

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